"Let's talk about the policy that really matters"

With a long professional career over his shoulders, his experteese extends from international relations, mainly European, to organization and development directorates and to human resources.

Enrique Calvet Chambon began his career connected to trade unions. In between 1983 and 1989 he became Director of the economic cabinet of the executive confederal commission of UGT.

After several vicissitudes with the party, he leaves and regains his independency after more than 40 years in parties. This is when he becomes an independent MEP member in the ALDE PARLIAMENTRAY GROUP where he feels comfortable

 Nationalisms and re-nationalist policies are, in his view, the imminent danger for the future of peace, freedom and prosperity of the European citizens.

"Integration at European and continental level is vital"

Enrique Calvet Chambon – MEP



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