Federal EU

Towards a federal Europe embodied with further integration. This requires more national sovereignty cessions to the EU executive institutions. This is key to ensuring a bright future of peace, prosperity and freedom for the European citizens in the current context of continentalization of power relations.



Progress toward a reinforced European framework supportive of social rights, combating the increasing asymmetries and the inequality dynamic currently installed undermining the necessary support to the European social model. Unemployment needs to be urgently tackled as it is a factor implementing inequality. Fighting against poverty as it is an intolerable scourge.



Fostering and strengthening vocational training by increasing mobility the means of the Erasmus + program. Mobility has an enormous positive impact on the improvement of training and access to the European employment markets, for both European and Spanish youth. Hence, it is necessary to keep allocating resources to the implementation of the existing mobility programs as well as to establish new initiatives within the European context aimed at the same goal, inclusive of the considerations derived from the actual demands of the market.


Foreign Policy

Regarding security, therefore, freedom and rights of citizens, it has become urgent to integrate the various policies of Security and Defence as well as Intelligence agencies and judiciary mechanisms. To actually act with one voice when it comes to International Relations. Integration, not mere collaboration. Towards this end, the creation of a European “CIA” is the first and urgent step.



Education and Culture

It is of the utmost importance to develop a profound knowledge of the EU’s history, its original and current goals, the very reason why it was created. Establishing subjects in schools EU wide to teach its essence as a unit and its values comprising its corresponding civil education. Transmitting to citizenship the value of the EU and the importance of its strengthening




Implement the recovery of Spain as a country of free, equal and solidary citizens. Regardless of enjoying the agreed-upon level of administrative de-centralization and management, only with a unified Spain can ensure peace, freedom and prosperity for the Spanish citizens in the future and with regards to its influence in a more integrated Europe. The values of the Spanish people must prevail over the territories.



Respect, reinforcement and boost of Spain’s role as the prominent country of southern Europe within the current geopolitical sensitive and dangerous context. Spain must play a key and prominent role in the EU’s security policy with unyielding defence for human rights.



Recover the market’s unity in Spain as an indispensable requisite in order to fight the current major unemployment and the existing inequality.