Enrique Calvet Chambon

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Born 1950 in Larache, he was brought up in a Spanish-French context. Economist, also holding a degree in Spanish studies by the University of Toulouse as well as a Physics degree by the Complutense University of Madrid, he has a Master’s degree in business management (IESE) and in human resources and economic fundaments (CECO). With a long professional career over his shoulders, his experteese extends from international relations, mainly European, to organization and development directorates and to human resources. He has worked extensively in public companies and institutions (Minas de Almadén, ICEZ, AEI, SEPI, IZAR) and during specific intervals in the private sector (EDAS).

He began his career connected to trade unions. In between 1983 and 1989 he became Director of the economic cabinet of the executive confederal commission of UGT. Since his position was not a political appointment, he has also taken great pride on this position during the Spanish Transition.
He stands out for the work he carried out at the European Economic and Social Committee during the 1986 – 1992 and 2004 – 2014 periods. He was part of the first Spanish generation at the European Institutions driving the profound transformation which took over Spain during those years of political liberalization and development of the EU institutions.
In between 1989 and 1933 he worked at the public company MAYASA where he was the Presidency’s chief of cabinet as well as Director of Human Resources. The following year he took a turn and became a member of the executive commission at the ICEX (External Trade Institute) also working as Director of Human Resources till 1996. He then worked from 1996 to 2007 at the State’s Industry Agency (AIE) and at the SEPI (Spanish public industrial holdings) as Sub-director and Director of labor relations between the companies of the holdings. He then jumped to IZAR (Spanish Public Shipyard Manufacturers) as the President’s counsellor in European Affairs.

Always vocationally involved and active in politics, he considers himself a true politician who defends his convictions and the greater good above any political party scheme. He proudly highlights that up until 2014 when he took office as an MEP, he had never lived off from politics nor from any party. However, this didn’t mean he had not been intensely involved in politics. His affiliation has allowed him a role of influencer and ensured his independence. Whilst his independence, in context with a democrat logic, he did hold membership in various political parties defending his ideals. He started out at the PSP in 1977, the socialist party of Tierno Galván, afterwards absorbed by the current PSOE where he stayed till 2005. Based on the concepts of solidarity and progress as well as the unity of the state and the rule of law as inalienable principles, in pursuit of a Spain of equal and free citizens, he joined Ciudadanos which was based in Barcelona at the time whereas he was living in Madrid. He was President of the National Council and first coordinator ever in Madrid. With the founding of UPyD (Union Progress and Democracy) containing a marvellous founding manifesto, he immediately joined their ranks in Madrid. In 2014 he was a member of the list for the European Elections. After several vicissitudes with the party, he leaves and regains his independency after more than 40 years in parties. This is when he becomes an independent MEP member in the ALDE PARLIAMENTRAY GROUP where he feels comfortable. It allows him to carry out the actual political programme for which he was elected which he regards as a sacred democratic principle consistently pursuing a Spain and a European Union of united, free and equal citizens. He teams up towards the an ever closer federal Europe from this solidarity and unity. Nationalisms and re-nationalist policies are, in his view, the imminent danger for the future of peace, freedom and prosperity of the European citizens.

"The secessionist process is a machine to manufacture foreigners and undermines the law and democracy"